Faculty And Staff

At TOST, you will find faculty who love to teach – they have chosen TOST because it affords them the opportunity to invest in inquisitive students. Our teachers come from a wide range of schools in the State. To encourage interaction with teachers, we intentionally keep our classes small with around 20 students, and lower classes include a full time teaching assistant. Our administrative staff and faculty offer a balance of support, friendship and direction. They provide student instruction that ensures academic excellence with a truly global perspective. Our faculty includes teachers, counselors, learning resource specialists, a part-time psychologist, two librarians, coaches /PE staff.

1 Mr.Aboobacker Sidheeque V Principal MBA , B.A ,B Ed
2 Ms.Bini M PGT - V.P M.sc, B.Ed
3 Mr.Nithin N PGT/Maths M Sc , B Ed
4 Ms.Veena U S PGT/Computer M E
5 Mr.Shamnad B PGT M.Com , M Phil, B Ed
6 Ms.Deepthi V PGT M Sc ,B Ed .
7 Mr.Kuthubudheen O K PGT MA , B Ed.
8 Mr.Nelson Miranda PGT/CHE M.sc, B.Ed
9 Ms.Rejani J PGT M Sc ,B Ed .
10 Ms.Anitha Gomas PGT/PSYCHOLOGY M Sc ,B Ed .
11 Ms.Nazia Hanif PGT MA , B Ed.
12 Mr.Hamarudheen S PGT MA , B Ed.
13 Mr.Vysakh G PGT M.Sc ,B. Ed .
14 Ms.Jasmin Das PET(PGT) M.P.Ed
15 Ms.Sree Devi C PGT M,Sc ,B.Ed
16 Ms.Archa J Raj PGT/ENG M.A, M.Ed
17 Ms.Anila D HM(TGT) MBA, MA , B.Ed
18 Ms.Biju Krishna TGT BA , B Ed
19 Ms.Asseena Banu TGT/Arabic MA , B Ed.
20 Ms.Saifiniza N TGT B Sc , B Ed.
21 Mr.Vipin . V TGT B Sc , B Ed.
23 Mr.Arun Mohan TGT M.Com , M Phil, B Ed
24 Ms.Sukanya .M TGT/Hindi M.A , B.Ed
25 Ms.Ajitha M S TGT/English M.A , B.Ed
26 Mr.Nanda Kishore G TGT B A ,B Ed
27 Mr.Nowfal V PET /TGT MPED
28 Ms.Sherin R S TGT /Maths B.Sc ,B.Ed
29 Ms.Rekha Lekshmi Nath V R TGT/Malayalam M.A , B.Ed
30 Ms.Shahana M B TGT/S S M.A , B.Ed
31 Ms.Bisha B S TGT/Maths B.Sc ,B.Ed
32 Ms.Remya Raju PRT MA , B Ed.
33 Ms.Gopika Devi PRT MA , B Ed.
34 Ms.Anju V K PRT MA , B Ed.
35 Ms.Ancy S N PRT/Maths B.Sc,B.Ed
36 Ms Sumina S PRT/Computer B Tech.
37 Ms.Parvathy A S PRT Malayalam BA , B Ed
38 Ms.AswathyL PRT Maths B.Sc,B.Ed
39 Ms.Simi A PRT EVS B Sc , B Ed
40 Ms.Soumya K S PRT HINDI BA , B Ed
41 Ms.Neethu S J PRT M.Sc ,B. Ed .
42 Ms.Sherin Sulthana Beegam S PRT/Computer B.Sc,MTTC
43 Ms.Binitha Chandran PRT/Malayalam M.A, B.Ed, K-Tet
44 Ms.Deepa Rani L PRT/Science B.Sc ,B.Ed
45 Ms.Ameena M S PRT/Arabic B A
46 Ms.Raja Rajeswari K PRT/Maths B.Sc ,B.Ed
47 Ms.Arathy B PRT/Eng M A , MTTC
48 Ms.Vandana Rao PRT (KG HOS) B.A,MTTC
49 Ms.Shahida Anas KG NTT BCA , MTTC
50 Ms.Sruthi Iyer KG NTT B.A,MTTC
51 Ms.Rubiya S KG NTT B.A,MTTC
52 Ms.Reshma G R KG NTT B Com, MTTC
53 Ms.Salih Fathima V K KG /NTT B.A , P.G DTT
54 Ms.Noufa S Rasheed KG / NTT B.Sc ,Dip.MTT
55 Ms.Farzana S KG /NTT B,Com ,PPDC
56 Ms.Shintu G Sam KG (NTT) MA , MTTC
57 Ms.Suhufirath AV KG NTT B.Tech,MTTC
58 Ms.Binusha Beevi Librarian BLI Sc , NTTC
59 Ms.Viji S V Nurse ANM Nurse
60 Ms.Amitha Reghu V R Wellness Teacher B.Sc (Phy. Edu Health Edu&sports)


SL.No Name Designation
1 Mr.Biju M A.O
2 Mr.Salim P.S Designer
3 Ms.Siby Muhammed Reception
4 Mr.Arafath Mytheen System Admin
5 Mr.Mohamed Mubin Accountant
6 Mr.Haris M Clerk
7 Ms. Tabassum Haris Registrar
8 Ms.Haleela.L Cashier
9 Mr.Shamjeer Khan.M.R. Office Assistant
10 Ms.Ismath Sameena Store Keeper
11 Mr.Pradeep K N Electrician
12 Mr. Shajahan A House Keeping
13 Ms. Ajantha Kumari Ayah
14 Ms.Usha T Cook
15 Ms. Sheeba Y Cook
16 Ms. Sandhya Canteen